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There is no champion (except for MAYBE Hecarim) that I hate more in the entire game. Rumble has mobility, sustain, CC and a MASSIVE. Rumble. The Mechanized Menace. Mage. Magical Damage. Top. General Counter Tips. Quickly get out of Rumble's ultimate AOE zone as it deals massive. Overview; How To Counter ; Strengths; Weaknesses; Abilities Rumble is an ability power champion who is almost always played top lane, but can be seen in. As Zac, just focus on sustain and bully him out of lane or just kill him straight up with ult. You can cheese him early before be gets higher ranks of his skills and starts to be really annoying. SIGN IN TO LOL COUNTER Username: Galio has a good laning phase against Rumble, but it's not like you can completely shut him down. He can jump on you with pretty significant early level damage and he just dives back out with by jumping to his minions. Riven - pretty much the same. Also rumble outscales riven by so much late game.

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Arkadata Yasuo Top - Trinity Force counter Rumble - 6.12 Season 6 Stream Gameplay ruble counters Watching his overheat meter and if it's close to maxing engage on him, he can only auto attack if he overheats and you will win the trade. It's not really a counter nobody completely counters Rumble but you'll put down a shed-load of harass, force him back, and be able to delay his 6 - as long as you can juke his E. In this manner you waste a lot of ticks of Flamespitter while landing all of your own damage. Trust me on this one. View more Counter Tips Submit a Counter Tip. In my limited experience I've just played very aggressively against Rumble, laying down constant harass, and the sheer amount of health tax he has to pay is enough to win the lane. You'll need to play an even more annoying champ. Silences and "turn-arounds" are strong versus him, so you could try Garen, Cho'Gath, Xin Zhao ruble counters knock-up turns Rumble around or Jayce. League of Legends and Riot Games are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. Many suggestions here rely on bruisers who need to snowball the lane before level leicester city transfers. Promote Critical Thinking See Our Rules Page for full description. Yorick does well vs everything, Rumble is no exception. You counter Rumble with champions that can snowball in the early levels. Please let us know what you think and how we can improve by clicking here. Flame spitter only deals damage when he's sitting there looking at you. Most Popular Rumble Matchups click the icons to view details. Most Popular Rumble Matchups Poke the crap out of him and let your poison tick him down.